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The Finest Custom Signs in Colorado

  • Trips for Kids & Lucky Bikes

    Trips for Kids & Lucky Bikes

    We build a lot of signs for Natural Grocers. This video was put together for a special creative sign made of bike parts for Natural Grocers.

    When we were looking for bike parts we came across Wendy Stewart with Trips for Kids & Lucky Bikes. They work at building healthy, confident kids by connecting diverse youth to the joy of cycling. Lucky Bikes donated the bike parts for the sign and Advantage Sign Company fabricated the sign and had these kids come in and help build the sign. Natural Grocers was all in on the idea.

    The video is at an outdoor gathering that Vitamin Cottage organized. It shows the building the sign with the kids help and the sign being installed on the Aurora location.

    People donated bikes that would be rebuilt for more kids to use in the future.